Our Story

Welcome to Mental Illness Greeting Cards!

I created Mental Illness Greeting Cards to help people like you share a little hope with people living with mental illness and their loved ones. I have been living with severe bipolar I disorder with psychosis for over 15 years. I've experienced 5 manic episodes, suicidal depression, 4 relapses, and 3 involuntary psychiatric hospitalizations. I never received a single card during my 3 hospitalizations and few cards during the times that I was struggling. I think it would have really helped if I had.

Our cards share a message that all people with mental illness need to hear – that there is reason to hope, that you can get better, recovery is possible. It took me a long time to hear and believe this message, but not so long after I did, I, myself was able to reach recovery. Now, I am thriving with serious mental illness. I made a video about my recovery journey

I think people with mental illness don’t receive greeting cards because people don’t know if it is appropriate, they don’t know what to say. Our cards say what helps in just 25 words. And we know that people want to hear our message. Over the past 6 months, our card designs and messages have been running as Sponsored Facebook Posts. During this time, they have been extremely well received. Our top 10 designs have over 2,500,000 impressions on Facebook.

We’re sharing hope, we’re sharing encouragement, and we can help you do so too.

Warm regards, Katherine

BA, JD, MBA, NYCPS-P, CPRP, Board Member of NAMI-NYC


Please note: A number of our cards will be donated to our Psych Ward Greeting Cards program, and $0.50 of every card sold will be donated to our charity.